Morten Christians Haxholm Jensen is a danish doublebass player, currently residing in Copenhagen.

2011-2013 a student in the highly esteemed "solist class" of the Rhythmical Musíc Conservatorium" (RMC) in Copenhagen.

Morten Christian is an active composer, teacher and bassplayer. He has played with an impressive amount of danish and international jazz musicians: Jonathan Kreisberg, Ari Hoenig, Lage Lund, Seamus Blake, John Escreet, Dick Oats, Nikolaj Hess, Claus Waidtløw, Jesper Løvdal, Søren Møller, Mads La Cour, Jakob Høyer, Anders Mogensen, Carl Winther, Niclas Campagnol, Thomas Maintz, Jan Harbeck,  Petter Wettre, Bob Rockwell (and alot of other lovely musicians - too many to mention).

Morten Christian recorded his debut record at "systems two studios" in New York, with the famed jazzmusicians: JONATHAN KREISBERG and ARI HOENIG. The record was released Februar 12, 2013 by the danish label: Storyville

Second Album: "Quintessence of Dust" was released on LongLife Records September 24th 2014. Again the album features Kreisberg and Hoenig, and futhermore danish jazz-champ Nikolaj Hess on the piano.

Haxholm/Schmidt: "Moras" - featuring Seamus Blake & John Escreet  Click for download on iTunes.

Morten Haxholm Quartet - featuring Lage Lund, William Larsson & Morten Lund: "Viridian" iTunes Link

NEW ALBUM JUNE 29th: "TESSERACT" - Morten Haxholm Chordless Quartet - featuring Melissa Aldana:

iTunes Link here

NEW VIDEO with the song "TWISTER"  from the new album "Tesseract" here: VIDEO LINK HERE

Be sure to listen to some of Morten Christians' music, or see some live-concert videos, under the media tab.

NEW! - Leadsheets! Check under the BIOGRAPHY tab!


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